Graficalc, Personal software for “what if” engineering

Hi, follows is just a quick intro to Graficalc, a proven program that compliments 2D and 3D CAD programs. GrafiCalc is groundbreaking software that combines the disciplines of sketching and calculating within a single application to enable users to conceptualize, analyze, optimize, and solve a wide range of geometry-dependent engineering challenges - with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

Intelligent sketching tools
GrafiCalc includes a geometry behavior editor incorporating an ultra-fast constraint manager especially tailored for function modeling. The powerful point and click constraint manager can resolve virtually unlimited number of circularities. It tracks original design intents to automatically resolves plural solutions. Initial geometry can be entered within GrafiCalc as well as imported from any DXF compliant CAD software using the built-in 2-way automatic translator.

GrafiCalc: The Secret Path to Synthesis. Synthesis means, “putting things together.” When we attempt to understand technical things through synthesis, we assemble something that looks and acts like the thing itself - then test the synthetic model.

GrafiCalc examples. Evaluate design options, Behavior Modeling, Multi-target optimization, Programmable geometrical calculator, Automate geometry dependent calculations, Linkage and mechanism design, Structural engineering, Reuse knowledge, Report Generation, & Link to Excel.

If you can sketch it – GrafiCalc can solve it!

I am now a reseller of the software, and have used it for creating some linkage models that I have then built in Alibre Design, and created the assembly with parts build based on the parameters calculated in Graficalc


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