- Projects

Projects in Planning will be revealed here when they are sufficiently developed for release.

Activities have mostly been involved in developing Tutorials for Alibre Design. I have recently started to do some quick tips, essentially 3 steps to completion of the idea, however - they have not been posted as of yet, since there are only two.

Also - most other available time on projects at this time, involve my Electric Vehicle Project - electricfly, and my Truck Aerodynamic Modifications, starting with the Aerocaps Project.

While I would love to do the whole thing by myself, on both projects, I am open to assistance with various aspecs of the the Electric Vehicle and the Aerocaps Projects.

If you are an
  • Aerospace Engineer,*
  • Automotive Designer,*
  • Mechanical Engineer,*
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Specialist,*
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Specialist,
  • Pressure Vessel Specialist,
  • Landing Gear Design Specialist,
  • Composite (Fiber Reinforced Plastics <FRP>) Design Specialist,*
  • Airfoil Designer,*
  • Hydro (Boat) Hull Designer,
  • Aircraft Engine Designer,
  • Electronics Design Engineer,*
  • Electircal Engineer,*
  • High Voltage Controller Designer,*
  • Microcontroler Software Developer.*
or you have hands on experience in any of these fields and love to work in that field, I may be interested in hearing from you, with a primary interest in those with the fileds that are marked with an Asterisk*. Contact me privately at:

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