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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles:
When would You like one

The Plug-in, overnight-rechargeable, down-town smog free, stop and go traffic fresh air, gas and go for long trips, kind of car!

ACHIEVE = Alternating Current, Hybrid Integrated Electric Vehicle Electronics (tm)
pHEV = Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle, or On-Grid Hybrid Electric Vehicle pHEV Site
PHEV = Pneumatic Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Here are some links to stories on such vehicles in works by small and large players!

Story Title Company Source
The Smart Hybrid DaimlerChrysler IEEE SPECTRUM ONLINE
hybrid cars news DaimlerChrysler
more hybrid cars news Toyota,Ford, Honda
Why Buy Green?
The KC-Hybrid Connection Kansas City
Toyota Hybrid Toyota
Toyota Highlander SUV Toyota PRIUS View
Lexus Hybrid-How it works Toyota Lexus Hybrid
Hydrogen vs Electricity Institute for the Analysis of Global Security
Hybrids Breakthrough Technologies Institute Your Next
Battery Electric Vehicles Breakthrough Technologies Institute Your Next
All About Plug-in Hybrids California Cars Initiative
Plug OK California Cars Initiative
Hybrid Cars on Fast Track Energy Industry Analysis
Hijacked by Hybrids Phoenix Motorcars, AC Propulsion PHOENIX MOTORCARS
Networking Opportunities Electric Drive Transportation Association EVS20
The Electric Auto Show Greater LA Auto Show
Batteries/Automotive/Hybrid 040708 Batteries
Hybrid cars
Hybrid cars


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