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Electric Cars: A Definitive Guide

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* Hybridfest 2006, A hybrid Electric Car Show And More! July 22, 2006*

Environmental Technology News Page has Information about:
See The auto for a Detroit Free Press Article: A FAMILY'S INVENTION: Engine could advance hybrids

Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Sets Hybrid Car Speed Record
Hybrid Car Enthusiasts Achieve 110 MPG In A Prius
Another PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) Provider Enters the fray!
Hymotion ProductsHymotion FAQ's!

14 top Gas Efficient Cars & Hybrids article on The Hybrid Car Battery
Link from above - on Tire Pressures PurigeN98 Nitrogen
Also - Nitrogen Available in Toronto from Canadian Tire at Allen & Lawrence
Like to be in control when you drive? Come to Shifters
Think you're Clever? This is CLEVER

Some Links From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!
Drag coefficient
Honda Insight
CitroŽn CX
Audi A2

More to come...!

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