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What Are Automobile Buyers Buying Today?

To understand the explosive changes happening, driven not by Government Regulation, but buy the realities of a fixed income - whether it is fixed at $30,000 a year or fixed at $150,000 a year, you need to do some good old fashined arithmetic, and expand on that with some trend calculations.

Simple explanation: Budget for Auto = 25% of Income.
Auto includes: (1) Acquisition, (2) Operation, (3) Support, and (3) Maintenance.

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  1. Aquisition (Cost of Buying + Taxes + Fees + Interest Rates). Cars don't get cheaper, taxes don't go down, Fees are added, and Interest rates have already bottomed out, and are not likely to go so low again!
  2. Operation: the simple fact of the unit of energy cost has risen over 50% in 1 year, is but a taste of where it is going in the next year. Someone has to pay for the multiples of wars, the fuels used in those wars, and loss of weapons, equipment, and personnell, legal fees, and so on. Gas is getting it in the Rear in Spades! With Canadian Gas at 75 to 95 Cents a litre, and well on its way to breaching a $1 mark by July, Gas is becoming more noticed each week buy drivers, owners, and consummers.
  3. Support: Car Insurance - one of those things we wish not to deal with, but depend on when something goes wrong, and which also turns and bits us when the sorst happens. This cost is continuing to increase at explosive rates in Ontario with the normal rates doubling and trippling for the majority of drivers.
  4. Maintenance: A fact of life for an old car, but not elliminated buy the purchase of a new car, as Accidents, Abuse, and Mis-use all lead to un-covered expenses. Add to this the increasing fees required to deal with more complex vehicle systems to train shop workers to acceptable standards, and you end up with more increases in standard shop rates.

Consider that Car Insurance can in some cases equal the annual payment costs for a car, and that fuel costs can even exceed that, and you can see why the one thing people can hope to change is the fuel portion cost - and that by changing their vehicle choice.

There are a number of highly efficient vehicles available - but - you can not often find them to even go for a test drive! this means that Dealers do not even believe in the benefits of having such vehicles around for their own use, let alone - for demonstration to the potential buyer. There is fast approaching a tipping point in the price of fuel where more than 5% of the buyers will change their choice of vehicles based on this one point alone, and then another point where an additional 10% will change their decision, and so on. As the fuel portion of the equation accelerates, dealers will soon be caught un-able to provide for the customer, as they will not be ready with any inventory!

Below are some articles that explain points of this exposition:
News Articles     Web Sites
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If you don't think it's good to use a Hybrid car today, under what conditions whould it make sence for you to switch from your current vehicle to the Insight, Civic, or Prius? How about the Hybrid Sierra or Silverado?

Some shortcuts - websites listing Gas Prices: and

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