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Gas Prices Got you Down?

Save money on gas - websites listing Gas Prices:, and and, etc.

Maybe it's time to turn the tide on "Green vehicles a slow sell". Consider 10 ways you mindlessly waste money.

See: "Gas Prices Up? ZAP Electric Car Sets Sales Record in August!"
Then Compare your Corvette gas costs with "Drive to Las Vegas in your EV". Achieve More!

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Canadian Prices are Per Litre, US Prices are Per US Gallon.

Who is making the money? See: "Cash Or Credit At The Gas Pump? The Choice Is Costing You".

Interested in some news on what is driving Auto Buying decisions today? Go here! 32% of gasbuddy site users polled say they are considering a hybrid vehicle. See EPA 2006 Most and Least Fuel Efficient Vehicles (ranked by city mpg). EPA Lising of No Gas Vehicles. Want to see an interactive video presenting and Auto Makeover. Check out Clean Vehicles Overview. Users - Hybrid habit forming in region. More users: Expensive energy. Down the pipeline: Sporty hybrids roll into spotlight.

A funny thing happened on the way to the demise of the plug-in car. Time was, when Electricity was expensive and Gasoline was cheap. At the start of the 20th century, electricity generally cost over 20 cents (U.S.) per kwh, and could be as high as 40 cents. Gasoline could be had for 5 cents a gallon. In 1999 in Canada, electricity costs 10 cents (CDN) per kwh (about 25% of its price a century ago) and gasoline is 80 cents per litre - more than $3.00 per gallon (60 times its price a century ago). Solar Battery Chargers

First thing - if you're  looking to reduce your fuel costs, and you are in the market to buy a new car now or in the near future - consider one of the current Hybrids or other High Milage Clean Running Cars, like Smart Car. See Gas/Electric Hybrids. Detroit: Hybrid Powertrains Gain Respect.

If you don't think it's good to use a Hybrid car today, under what conditions would it make sense for you to switch from your current vehicle to the Honda Insight,  Honda Civic Hybrid, or Toyota Prius? How about the more mild hybrid Sierra or Silverado? Or the Ford Escape Hybrid? (Read their Newsletter!) Toyota’s new Estima combines gasoline and electric power.

What are some other options. Why not think of totaly eliminating your fuel costs, oil changes, leaks, radiator coolants, etc. Electric Cars, produce no running polution, no noise, and good ones can be charged up in less than an overnight run from a standard 120 volt house outlet. Ever driven an Electric Car? See the EV1, the REVA, the Tango (0-60mph: 4 Seconds!),  the Corbin Motors Sparrow, the ZENN nEV, the GEM nEV, Rcar, IT nEV, and more. See EV Myths and Facts. Nissan Hypermini, and Altra EV are Electric Cars that have two different looks!

The range issue is largely a matter of perception. Early in the 20th century, electric cars were the range champions. A B.G.S. electric car had established a one-charge range of 180 miles in 1899 in France. Ironically, and in complete opposition to the perception today, in early days of the 20th century, electric cars were the distance champions between stops, as the steamers had to stop for water and the gasoline buggies had to stop to cool down. In fact, both the gasoline engines and the steamers were dependent on the existing infrastructure to be viable at all - horse-watering troughs - to supply the water for the boilers on the steamers and to cool the heat engines.

The average car in North America in the 1990's is driven less than 19,000 kilometres (12,000 miles) per year. This comes out to an average of about 50 kilometres (32 miles) per day, well within the capabilities of the average do-it-yourself conversion using lead-acid batteries. Many cars, especially second or third vehicles in a household used primarily for commuting travel even less. Many of these vehicles could be replaced by electric cars using current, off-the-shelf and economical technology.

Maybe you like your car, but your driving cycle does not need 400 miles at a time? Try this - pull the engine and replace it with electrics! Read - 'Plug in your car' by Jim Rendon. Advantages of Electric Automobiles. General info on Electric Cars.

Maybe go with an Electric Motorcycle - like the Vectrix,   Also - Electric Bicycles like Tidal Force, Choose from many at Daymak, like the Smart Bike 100.

A bike is stolen every 30 seconds! Join the National Bike Registry today to protect your bike

For a Totaly different idea, see this pdf file: "The Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Today's Car for Tomorrow's Technology", this page: "Introducing Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles", The Smart Hybrid - Flip a switch, and DaimlerChrysler's plug-in hybrid electric van will become an electric vehicle. This leads us to the idea of "CARS AS DISTRIBUTED GENERATION SITES!", with all it's variables. Also see Detroit Should Plug In to Future.

Looking for your own Freeway Capable Electric Sportster?  See Universal Electric Vehicle's Electrum Spyder! Also - consider a T-Zero!

Need to go real fast? See'The WORLD'S QUICKEST Electric Vehicle!' here.
Prefer two wheels? See The KillaCycle - World's Quickest Electric Motorcycle!. See other Fast Electrics here.

High Performance Electric Vehicles. Gorilla Electric Vehicles - for Work and Fun!

If you are in need of a bus - see this "Hybrid Turbine Electric Vehicle",

Recreation uses: Electric Boats and Outboards.  Electric Vehicles new or used or for sale.

Surprising News - International Engine of the Year 2003: Mazda RENESIS Rotary (RX-8).

More Surprising News - Toyota to Explore Plug-In Hybrids - Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday, June 13, 2006 - that it intended to increase research into plug-in hybrid technology, which it once derided.

Hybrids & Crashes: Hybrid car myth debunked!

If your still stuck on using Oil-based fuels - try this: use Eco-Performance™ fuels in your diesel engine, or more Elthanol fuels in your gas engine.

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